Franklin Perez 2000

Franklin Perez

Libertarian Party of Seminole County, Florida
Seminole County Commission Candidate
District 5

Seminole County Commission Candidate
District 5


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My name is Franklin Perez, and I am running as the Libertarian Party candidate for Seminole County, Florida District 5 Commissioner in the November, 2000 election. I would very much like the opportunity to represent you.

I am 37 years old, a homeowner in Seminole County, and work 40+ hours per week as a Software Engineer. I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. You may view my resume to get a better idea as to my educational and work experience background.

I believe that as a political candidate, my job is NOT to just blindly say what YOU want to hear just to get elected, but, instead, is to tell you the general philosophy that I will use to guide me in my decisions as a Seminole County Commissioner. And to follow that philosophy consistently. By knowing my general philosophy, you as a voter will have a very good idea as to how I will stand on ANY issue. I also will not pretend that I know everything and should know everything.

So, what is my philosophy? My political philosophy is pro-individual rights and pro-free market. If elected Seminole County Commissioner for District 5, I shall work to pass laws that are pro-individual rights and pro-free market, and I shall also work to repeal any laws that are anti-individual rights or anti-free market.

I am a strong believer that most local government services, with the possible exception of police & court system services, should be privatized (i.e., at the very least be contracted out to a private for-profit firm to perform) because the private sector tends to be more cost-effective than the public sector. So, my general philosophy towards privatization of any current county service is as follows in order of preference:

  1. Competing private firms, without government involvement, except perhaps minimal licensing; service paid directly by customer(s) willing to hire private firm to perform the service.
  2. Several private firms assigned to exclusive sections (i.e, special districts) of the county and paid by their customers. In other words, a private firm is given an exclusive franchise to perform a certain needed service within a certain geographical area (i.e, special district). The private firm is chosen by the county commissioners, my least favorite method, or voted upon by the voters within the special district.
  3. A single firm hired and paid by the county to perform some needed service.

My approach towards making or repealing laws - adhering to the pro-individual rights, pro-free market philosophy - is to look elsewhere to see if it has been done before successfully. If it has, try to copy it as much as possible. Chances are very likely that it's been done before successfully somewhere at one time or another. If I cannot find a way to implement some law along the pro-individual rights, pro-free market philosophy, then common sense dictates to leave things as they currently exist.

I intend to use the Internet heavily & as the primary means to disseminate information about my candidacy & in communicating with the public at large due to its low cost & ease in reaching thousands of people at once.

I invite everyone to follow my candidacy & to have an OPEN and EQUAL ongoing electronic discussion relating to my candidacy & my positions on the issues by going to the FranklinPerez egroups web page located at I shall use this discussion group extensively to get feedback from people who have good ideas on implementing county government along the pro-individual rights, pro-free market philosophy.


The following list constitutes my first priority of business if elected Seminole County Commissioner. Wherever possible, I shall note concrete examples and implementation ideas via appropriate hyperlinks.

I will vote:


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