E-mail: perezfranklin@hotmail.com

Recipient of Letter: Franklin Perez

Author of Letter: Denver Police Chief David Michaud

Date of Letter: February 12, 1996

Contents of Letter: Response to Franklin Perez's complaint.

Dear Mr. Perez

Thank you for your recent letter expressing some concerns regarding a traffic contact involving the Colorado State Patrol and officers of the Denver Police Department.

An inquiry was conducted concerning your allegation of improper conduct against Denver officers, namely entering your vehicle to obtain registration and insurance information without your permission.

The Denver officers who contacted you state that they asked you for your driver's license and registration and were given your "driver's license and other paperwork." The packet you gave to our officer was in turn given to the State Patrol Troopers. At no time did they enter your vehicle. I can only suggest the possibility that your registration and insurance information was with the "other paperwork" you gave the officer.

Regarding your other concern, our department's assistance was requested by the State Patrol as the initial observed incident occurred within our juristiction.


David L. Michaud
Chief of Police

cc: Ramona Martinez, Councilwoman, District 3

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