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Recipient of Letter: Franklin Perez

Author of Letter: Denver Police Captian M.T. O'Neill

Date of Letter: January 19, 1996

Contents of Letter: Response to Franklin Perez's complaint.

Dear Mr. Perez:

On January 19, 1996, the Denver Police Department Internal Affairs Bureau received your undated letter concerning your dissatisfaction with the performance of Colorado State Patrol troopers when they contacted you on December 7, 1995. Enclosed with your letter were copies of the summons you were issued by Troopers [Timothy] McClinchy and [Randy] Rahne, your letter to the State Patrol, Captain Parish's lengthy and detailed response to that letter, and your critique of Captain Parish's response.

You state that an unknown Denver Police Officer was present during the contact, and that either this officer or one of the troopers entered your vehicle without your permission to retrieve your motor vehicle registration and insurance papers. You believe this action was improper.

Captain Parish's letter states that you were stopped and interviewed by the State Patrol; he does not mention the participation of an officer from any other agency. Moreover, your letter makes it clear that the police officer merely assisted the State Patrol, and acted at their behest. In addition, you have no reason to believe that the officer entered your vehicle, other than that he was at the scene. Finally, the summons indicates that you were contacted by the troopers on I-25 at West 58th Avenue; this is outside the City and County of Denver, and therefore it is unlikely that the officer was a Denver Police Officer.

For all these reasons, there will be no investigation of this incident by the Denver Police Department.


David L. Michaud
Chief of Police

By: Captain M.T. O'Neill, Commander
Internal Affairs Bureau

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